We pride ourselves in the work we do, and encourage our customers to provide us with their comments:


“This is to say how pleased I am with the work you have done on my AC Ace.  This morning I went out for a bit of a shake-down run, about 35 miles/50 minutes on a variety of roads so I could explore handling, throttle response and general road-worthiness.  Very good fun and lots of free-revving and torque.  What a difference!”

Peter McNair


“Congratulations on the sale, it certainly sounds like one of the more difficult ones. So thanks for all your efforts, I think that we can both be very pleased with the end result.” 

Nick Algar


“Having never used Farringtons for restoration work before I was understandably a little apprehensive at first but any worries quickly vanished when I saw the team in action, the quality of work and attention to detail. They carried out a bare metal respray and interior refurbishment of my Jaguar XK150 to my required specifications. The finished result was fantastic – exactly what I had wanted and in fact exceeded my expectations. I am more than happy to recommend the Farrington team as they have a tremendous depth of knowledge and experience, a ‘can do’ attitude, and display genuine enthusiasm and interest in the cars they work on.”

James Macdonald


“We can’t tell you how pleased we are to have entrusted this sale to you!”

– Greg Guille


“My E Type Jaguar had developed what I considered to be some serious engine problems after a 350 mile round trip to Silverstone Classic – poor running and pick up, misfire under acceleration, burning oil, very noisy engine. I contacted Trevor Farrington Ltd, not having dealt with them before, in the hope that they could diagnose the engine problems. Over a number of weeks they worked through all the engine issues, advising and consulting me at each and every stage of what turned out to be a full engine re-build. Their knowledge and standard of workmanship is exceptional and I have a full photographic record of all the work done and a car that is now a dream to drive. 
I cannot recommend their work enough – the team is extremely knowledgeable on all things classic, vintage and historic, friendly, enthusiastic and welcoming – nothing is too much trouble!”

– John Kinder


Even though we can not afford Trevor’s prices, he was the first honest person we have spoken to in a long time. For this reason alone l would recommend him to restore your baby.

-Nigel Duckett


“Please accept my utmost compliments for the fantastic, comprehensive work and attention to detail you have carried out on the Anglia. I am absolutely delighted with it! The car drives better, smoother and sounds quieter.”

Alistair Macpherson


“Over the last four years Trevor and his team have worked on a number of cars for me, primarily my MK2 Jaguar, Ferrari 365GT2+2 and Mercedes 450sl and Reliant race car (race prep)……. along with my mother’s trusty 2CV. The work has ranged from a full restoration and upgrade (MK2) to suspension rebuild and interior renovation (Ferrari) and a full respray (Mercedes) along with a bespoke trimming service replicating new Bentley seat styles in my mother’s 2CV. The work carried out by Trevor has without doubt been some of the best I have ever seen. The attention to detail and quality of work is second to none. Trevor is often described as a perfectionist and this also applies to his team. It is worth noting that Trevor has managed to source parts which I have previously believed were no longer available. I cannot recommend his work enough!”

Matthew Sanders


Classic car experts

Sean Hooker

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