Restoration, repair and servicing

Classic, Vintage and Historic Cars

Trevor Farrington has been restoring classic vehicles since 1986, originally working on Austin 7s and MGs, before moving on to prestige vehicles such as Rolls-Royce, AC, Humber, Bugatti, Daimler and Bentley. Restoration often involves taking a rusty incomplete shell and bringing it back to showroom condition.

Many of the cars restored have been delivered in boxes, and are no more than a collection of parts that once upon a time used to be a car. There is rarely anything simple about such restorations, so our expert staff have to use their years of experience.

Some of the oldest cars restored have included a 1925 AC Empire, a 1925 Bentley 3 litre, a 1922 Gwynne Eight and a 1929 Humber. We have also worked on 1930s Bentley’s and BMWs, post war Daimlers and to bring it up to the 1970s & 80’s ; Alfa Romeo’s, Jaguars, BMW’s and Ferraris. 

In recent years we have tended to specialise in the restoration, repair and servicing of Jaguar E Types and typically have around half a dozen in our workshop. Apart from improving the quality and efficiency of our work this specialisation has enabled us to build strong relationships with the key suppliers at a time when certain parts have proved difficult to source.