This unique and highly successful Sports Libre car was built and maintained by Ian Dayson at Force Racing Cars. It is a regular FTD winner against single seat racing cars, perpetual class winner and multiple record holder.

Comprehensive specification includes:

• Full carbon chassis with carbon tub, front crash box and rear carbon monocoque engine frame (the only Force LM with this important feature), all made by Panther Composites to F1 standards
• Mono-shock Penske push rod front and twin Penske pushrod rear suspension with adjustable ARB
• 8” and 12” centrelock wheels with slicks and wets
• Highly developed aero with full width F1 multi-element front wing
• 1340 supercharged hybrid Hayabusa engine with K8 bottom end, K7 head and Rotrex supercharger, producing 347 BHP. Built, set up, mapped and maintained by RLM
• Full pneumatic paddle shift by Geartronics
• LIFE F88 with auto O/P cut out
• Engine control and full engine logging by LIFE
• Chassis dynamics and summary engine data by AIM EVO4 with steering wheel mounted AIM display
• CHASE on-board video system

This well-known car has benefitted from extensive testing and development, to the extent that it is within one second of the short course and two seconds of the long course outright records at Curborough – both held by 3.5 litre Goulds. Complete with extensive documentation and a good spares package.

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