1988 Toyota GT4 Rally

1988 Toyota GT4 Historic Rally Car     £17,950

Having been stored in a barn for 10 years, this very competitive Group N car has been fully rebuilt with no expense spared. The rebuild was carried out by Darrell Staniford at DS Motorsport who worked on ST165 GT4s in period, and included: 

  • strip to bare (very straight) shell and bodywork restored
  • Toyota GB engine refreshed and dyno'd at 265 bhp
  • engine set-up by Group B Motorsport  including new Motec 
  • all consumables like brake pads, belts, starter, alternator, battery, clutch, wheel bearings, U/J's, fuel pumps, alloy radiator etc are new
  • gearbox, diff, wiring loom, dash, suspension, brake calipers, discs and cylinders, brake bias box, exhaust, servos, etc all refurbished
  • all the Toyota GB kelvar guards have been completely rebuilt and are like new 

The car is very quick with many trick bits - even a Toyota GB modified air box. It has original short ratio diffs and rear LSD (only works cars only had them) so handling is brilliant. Even the lamp pod is a lightweight works part and is very rare. Complete with build photos and invoices and an excellent spares package including a second set of works tarmac wheels, 6 gravel wheels and 9 spare rims.  Accepted by Slowly Sideways (UK and Germany) and Rally History, and hence eligible for all their events.